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Japanese Japanese welcomes fans of coffee from around the world. You love coffee therefore we are friends. Coffee does this world fine for all of us. The world of coffee is our world. is the multilingual site about coffee which is created by means of the automated translation system. Main task of Coffee-book collecting and translation of coffee news into different languages of the world. We are glad if our site brought you benefit.

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Coffee Harvesting Times

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Global Coffee Events 2016

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks

Coffee is one of the most popular drinksCoffee is one of the most popular drinks. Hundreds of millions people begin the day with a cup of coffee, others have coffee during the lunchtime. Others have coffee in the evening. Coffee helps to collect thoughts for fruitful work. People have coffee to distract from work. Someone prefers evening coffee in a cozy situation. The desire to buy good coffee unites all these people.
Coffee companys and online stores offer tens kinds of coffee, hundreds types of coffee mixes. The different coffee companies offer coffee products of different kinds. There are many different coffee products in the market of coffee: roasted coffee grains, roasted coffee ground, roasted coffee pods ESE, coffee capsules, green coffee grains, coffee drinks for weight reduction, green coffee for weight loss, instant coffee, coffee 3 in 1 and others.

Main producers and consumers of coffee

Main producers and consumers of coffeeCoffee takes the second place among raw materials and commodity production. Coffee is the best business after oil. Coffee is the most important culture of agriculture of the equatorial countries. Coffee brings the main part of currency in treasury of the countries of the equatorial belt.
Annually in the world grow up more than 7 million tons of coffee (data are provided on TOP10 of the manufacturing countries of green coffee for 2012). Brazil is the largest producer of green coffee. Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, India, Ethiopia, Honduras, Peru, Honduras, Mexico follow Brazil. The USA, Canada, the countries of Europe are the main consumers of all coffee which the equatorial countries grow up. The main part of coffee is exposed to rework in instant coffee. Specialty Coffee is a segment of the coffee market which sells best quality coffee.

Decrease in productivity of coffee appears in Brazil 2015-2016

Coffee shortage appears in Brazil 2015-2016Coffee shortage appears in Brazil 2015-2016. The drought causes global decrease in a harvest of coffee of beans. Production of coffee by Brazil continues to go down.
Totally the harvest of Robusta and Arabica to decrease 5 million bags. At the same time Honduras, Indonesia and Vietnam make more beans of coffee, than usually.
But world demand flies up, thus, deficiency of coffee will be inevitable.
These are bad news to those from us who begins morning with a strong cup of coffee. The drought in Brazil as expect, will force harvests of coffee will decrease almost by 10%. It at the same time that experts assume increase in world demand for coffee. What will be in 2016-2017. Experts worry about prospect of deficiency within several years as Brazil repeatedly reduced harvests in recent years. Now, in the global report on production of coffee of Foreign Agricultural Service it is supposed that beans will become more and more precious. It explained decrease in a harvest of Robusta of Brazil to 13.3 million bags.
Experts of the coffee market were excited concerning prospect of deficiency for many years. Brazil repeatedly had a poor harvest. Decrease in quantity of rain rainfall and increase in temperatures in Espirito Santo give decrease in a harvest of coffee.
In Minas Gerais and São Paulo, two regions which make about 80 percent of production of rains a little. The integrated harvest of the ARabica and Robusta coffee as predict, will decrease by 5 million bags. The total harvest will be less than 50 million bags, according to the report.
Possible world deficiency can be corrected by increase in Honduras, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Leading countries of coffee cultivation are 10 countries which form Big Coffee Ten (TOP10 coffee). Factory of instant coffee are in many countries, but most of all them in Brazil. Русский (russian) Russian (русский) Французский (francais) Franch (français) Португальский (Portugues) Portuguese (Português) Испанский (espanol) Spanish (español) Итальянский (Italiano) Italian (Italiano) Германский (deutsch) German (deutsch) Английский (english) English (usa) Японский Japanese (日本人)

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